The world-famous Hévíz lake

The Hévíz Medicinal Lake is the largest biologically active natural thermal lake in the world, situated in a unique environment, only 10 km away from Lake Balaton, 198 km away from Vienna, and 193 km away from Budapest. The specialty of our Villa, is that it is only 200 m away from the Hévíz Lake. Our guests also benefit from a discount from the admission fee to the Lake Bath.

The lake has a water surface of 4.4 ha. Its spring, rich in minerals, is in a cave 38 meters below, where several thousand years old hot and cold cavern waters mix up. Earlier, its depth was not exactly known but, according to the current verified data, the lake is 38.5 m deep.

As already known to experienced bathers of the Hévíz Lake, in about two thirds of the lake, water depth varies between 150 and 200 cm. At the edges of the lake, you can stand on the ground, and dig yourself into the healing peat mud, softened by the warm water, up to your mid-thigh. Even irrespective of its effects, the Hévíz Healing Lake is quite a special formation, as warm water lakes usually have a clay or rock bed, while the lake in Hévíz has peat bottom.

Hévízi Gyógytó

The warmth and also the healing power of the water is protected by a 33.9-ha park forest from the harmful effects of the external environment (wind, dust, noise). Our Villa is situated next to this park, and many rooms offer a nice view to the trees.

During the winter and also in the chillier mornings in early spring and late autumn, the lake is covered by a light mist. This is of great importance, as it prevents the water from cooling down (the plants, covering most of the lake surface, also effectively help reduce the cooling of the water), allowing open-air bathing during the winter. In winter, the entrance of the Healing Bath can be approached through a heated pavement and steps from our Villa, so that our guests do not have to worry about the slippery and snowy road.

AThe lake has a water output of 410 l/second so the water is exchanged every three days. Its temperature does not fall below 22 C in winter, and may rise up to 38 C in summer. Having an indifferent temperature, the water is not tiring for those wishing to heal, but is has a calming and refreshing effect. The steady and constant water flow has a beneficial effect on the body too, as it ensures a continuous light massage.

Hévízi Gyógyfürdő bejárata

Is the Hévíz lake really unique?

In terms of size, Echo Lake in New Zealand is only a bit behind Hévíz Lake with its 3.8 ha area, however, it is unsuitable for bathing due to its high temperature (50-55 Celsius). Its healing effect and the Hévíz therapy itself is extremely well known throughout Europe. Our guests can enjoy the healing effect of the Healing Lake at a discount price.

Pictures of Hévíz